Web Awareness

Overview of the World Wide Web & Internet

  • What is the Internet? - The Internet consists of computers connected worldwide. You may access the Internet from many different locations, such as Middletown Thrall Library.

  • What is the World Wide Web? - The World Wide Web is the part of the Internet where websites exist. These websites contain information. Many sites connect to each other through hyperlinks (text or images which, when clicked on, take you to another website). Websites are viewed through special software called a "web browser."

  • Where do I start? - The best place to start your search for information is at the library. If you're on the web, start at www.thrall.org. Click here for a brief tour of our websit (close new window when done).

  • What else can I find online? There are many kinds of information available on the Internet, such as news, government information, electronic versions of books, games, music, sports, educational materials. Websites exist for every topic imaginable!

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