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"Downloads" are files that can be retrieved from the Internet. To "download" is to request such a file to be transferred to your computer. Downloads can contain many different things, including documents and software.

On this page you will find convenient links to popular free software titles, from programs you might need to display certain files to others that might be of interest you.

Please note: no items listed here are hosted at, endorsed, or supported by Thrall. You should always be mindful of the potential issues involved with downloading anything from the Internet or your e-mail.

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Downloadable Apps
& Computer Software

For displaying eBooks (PDF/ePUB). (Not the same as Adobe Reader.) See also eBooks Software, OverDrive.
A plugin required by many websites.
View/print PDF documents. See also Adobe Digital Editions, Foxit Reader (below).
"A free cross-platform English thesaurus." See also WordWeb.
Edit, record, mix, or convert audio sound files.
Create 2D or 3D images and animations. See also GIMP, Inkscape, LibreCAD.
Help solve global science, health, and technology issues. See also SETI@Home.
The RCLS library catalog mobile app for smartphone users.
Record presentations, tutorials, etc. on your computer.
Hard drive and Windows registry utility. See also Defraggler, Recuva.
Astronomy software/space simulator. See also Stellarium.
Hard drive defragger (defragmentation) tool. See also CCleaner, Recuva.
Create diagrams. See also FreeMind.
Software / apps for displaying eBooks on computers, tablets, eReaders, etc. See also eBooks Providers.
FTP file transfer client.
Free Web browser. See also Google Chrome, Opera, Safari
View/print PDF documents. See also Adobe Reader (above).
Mind mapping diagram software. See also Dia.
"Free mathematics software for learning and teaching." See also Microsoft Mathematics, Sage, Scilab, SpeedCrunch.
Create/edit images and photos, convert graphics files. See also Blender, Inkscape, Krita, MyPaint, Paint.NET.
Free Web browser. See also Firefox, Opera, Safari
A 3D interact globe from Google.
Mobile Apps Gallery. Get free apps from GPO, CDC, NASA, and more!
Desktop publishing, layout, vector graphics. See also Blender, GIMP, LibreCAD, MyPaint, Scribus.
View or convert many different image file formats.
Audio/video player for Apple iTunes.
JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Plugin required by many websites.
Digital painting and sketching. See also GIMP, MyPaint.
Design Lego block objects on your computer.
"A free Open Source CAD application for Windows, Apple and Linux." See also Blender, Inkscape.
Free/open source alternative to Microsoft Office. Includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and more. See also
"Graphing calculator with a formulas and equations library," and more. See also GeoGebra, Sage, SpeedCrunch.
For viewing Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint files.
Music notation creator/editor. See also Music Software.
Various commercial or free music software. See also MuseScore.
Digital painting program. Create or edit images. See also GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, Paint.NET.
An advanced text editor. Not a word processor.
Free/open source alternative to Microsoft Office. Includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and more. See also
Free Web browser. See also Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
OverDrive Media Console and other apps. Required for RCLS/OverDrive eBooks. See also Adobe Digital Editions, eBooks Software.
Free photo and image editor. See also GIMP, Inkscape, MyPaint, Picassa.
Free photo editor and database. See also GIMP, Paint.NET.
An audio/video/multimedia player. See also RealPlayer, VLC Media Player, Winamp
An audio/video/multimedia player. See also RealPlayer, VLC Media Player, Winamp
Hard drive utility for attempting to retrieve deleted files. See also CCleaner, Defraggler.
Free Web browser. See also Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera
Advanced mathematics environment and visualizations. See also GeoGebra, Microsoft Mathematics, Scilab, SpeedCrunch.
Advanced mathematics computations. See also GeoGebra, Microsoft Mathematics, Sage, SpeedCrunch.
Desktop publishing, layout. See also Inkscape, OpenOffice.
Scan space for extraterrestrial signals. See also BOINC.
File compression / archive decompression.
A plugin required by some websites. See also Adobe Flash Player.
A plugin required by some websites. From Microsoft.
Learn to program computers through a simple programming language. From Microsoft.
High precision calculator, interactive math expressions. See also GeoGebra, Microsoft Mathematics, Sage, Scilab.
Astronomy software. 3D planetarium. See also Celestia.
An e-mail program. Create folders, filter messages, and more.
View TIFF image files (documents, photographs, illustrations).
Linux operating system. For advanced computer users.
A video editor.
An audio/video/multimedia player. See also QuickTime, RealPlayer, Winamp
An audio/video/multimedia player. See also QuickTime, RealPlayer, VLC Media Player
A free dictionary and thesaurus. See also Artha.

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Software Directories & Providers

Find alternative software solutions. For Mac, Windows, Linux, and other platforms.
News and reviews of Android, iPad, and iPhone apps.
Software and apps for Windows, Mac, and other platforms.
Providers of free eBooks. See also eBooks Software.
"Free educational software and games."
Compilers, programming languages, editors, and more for computer programmers. See also Open Directory Project's list of compilers.
The Free Software Directory.
Program and security updates, utilities, and more.
Older versions of popular programs, plug-ins.
RCLS eBooks and eAudiobooks apps and players for various computers/operating systems/portable media players.
"273 apps in 40 categories." See also Best Free Mac Software 2012.
Applications (software) for use via USB drives.
Open source software. Various programs for different operating systems.
Search or browse for Ubuntu (Linux) software, games, utilities, and more.
Listings of various providers from the Open Directory Project.

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Not all downloads are safe on the Internet. Downloads from the Web (or from e-mail) can contain viruses, spyware, or other potentially harmful contents.

Not all downloads on the Internet are free or complete. Some downloads might be demos or trials and require activation, personal information, payment, or a subscription.

Some downloadable files elsewhere on the Internet may not be legally provided.

Always be mindful of potential copyright and intellectual property issues.

Before downloading anything from the Internet your computer should already have updated virus and spyware protection software.

Any download might make various changes - good or bad - to your computer, or cause your computer to malfunction.

Be sure to review thoroughly all computer system requirements, instructions, terms of service, disclaimers, and other information from download providers before proceeding.

Downloading and installation should only be attempted by experienced users aware of the potential problems and risks.

You should back up your information before attempting to make any changes to your computer system.

You are entirely responsible for whatever happens to your computer system, so always proceed with extreme caution and heightened awareness!

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