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General & Comprehensive Resources
All About Collectibles: Collecting Resources, Price Guides, Pictures, and Links
Various highlights on collectible items. Sections (see tabs at top of each section at website) include: Start Collecting, Buying/Selling, Price/Value Guides. From
Caring for Your Treasures
"Proper care and maintenance of your family heirlooms and works of art will ensure that they are available for future generations to enjoy. To help you better care for your personal heritage, we have developed these guides for caring for you treasures." Includes information on books, paintings, metal objects, documents, art works, videotapes, textiles, and more. From the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC).
Country Living: Antiques and Collectibles
Articles, appraisals, and advice. Follow their "More Antiques and Collectibles Articles" link (down the center of the page) for more articles.
Kovels: Antiques and Collectibles
Includes a price guide for over 600,000 antiques and collectibles (dolls, toys, folk and ethnic art, furniture, clocks, lighting, jewelry, glass, music, pottery, porcelain, prints and paintings, silver / other metals, and more) in the United States (free registration required), an Antiques and Collectibles Directory (appraisals, publications, archives, museums, auctions, repairs, supplies, restoration, and more).
Preserving Your Treasures
Topics include: General Preservation Resources; Preserve Photographs; Preserve Audiovisual/Film; Digital Preservation; Digital Photographs; and Textiles. From the American Library Association.

AbeBooks: Rare Books Room
Scroll down their page for links to sections including: Ask a Rare Bookseller, Rare Bookseller Directory, The Avid Collector (articles), Book Appraisers, Book Care (tips), Book Fairs and Events, Rare Books FAQ, Book Collector Forum, Glossary of Terms.
Alibris: A Guide to Book Collecting in the 21st Century
Sections include: Creative Routes to Successful Collecting, The Dual Meanings of Value and Appreciation, The Three C's of Book Collecting, Baedekers to Book Collecting.
Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America (ABAA)
Includes: information for collectors, articles, news, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), and a Glossary.
Author Signatures & Illustrators Signatures
Over 600 signature facsimiles. From Purple House Press.
Basic Guide to Book Collecting
Topics include: What Books to Collect; Understanding Rare Books; Buying, Valuing and Caring for Rare Books. From
Book Collecting Tips
Topics include: Current Thoughts, What and Why First Editions, First Edition Identification by Publisher, Autographed Books, Bibliographies, Condition Isn't Everything, It's the Only Thing, Building a Collection, Some Useful Information, and Glossary of Terms. From Quill and Brush a company that specializes in first editions.
Book Collecting Tips
Sections include: Why Start Collecting Books?, Book Collecting Blog, Collecting Hypermodern First Edition Books, Tips, Antique Book Values for Old Collectible Books. Also provided is information on book awards and awarded titles/authors (recent and in general).
Bookseller World: Resources for Book Collectors, Reference Guides and Articles
Sections include: How to Grade Books, Identify a First Edition, Types of Book Illustration, Glossary of Book Terms, Bibliography, Manuscripts.
Dos and Don'ts for Taking Care of Your Personal Books at Home?
From the NY Public Library.
Glossary for Rare Books
"How to Describe Rare Books, Manuscripts, Autographs, Maps, Prints, Atlases, First Editions, Illustrated Books" From the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers.
Rare Book Condition Standards

Coins and Money (Numismatics)
American Numismatic Association
"The American Numismatic Association is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to educating and encouraging people to study and collect money and related items." News, articles, and more. Follow their "Explore the World of Money" link for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Tips for Buying and Selling Gold, Money'Musements (trivia), Current U.S. Coins, and more.
Cleaning Collectible Coins
From the Coin Collecting Club.
Coin Explorer
"The NGC Coin Explorer is the most comprehensive reference for United States coins. This complete catalog has images and specifications for every U.S. coin, including mintage figures and current melt values for all gold, silver, and platinum coins. " Search by coin, NGC Universl ID or by criteria. Free to all users. From Numismatic Guaranty Corp.
The Coin Page
Public use images of coins in small and large versions.
"Tips and resources for coin collectors."
Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS): Coin Collecting Glossary
Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS): Online Photograde
Click on the coin type to match your coin's condition to images showing conditions and grades. For a list of coin grading standards, click on the the Help button.
The United States Mint: Collector's Club
Sections include: The Art of Collecting (Why Collect Coins?, Getting Started, Ways to Collect, Collecting United States Mint Coins, What to Look for, Buy or Find?, Caring For Coins, Storing and Displaying Coins, How to Share Your Hobby), Coin Information and Resources (Anatomy of a Coin, Coin Term Glossary, The ANA Coin Grading Scale, The Mint Marks of United States Mint Facilities, United States Mint Online Store, Coin Dealer Database, Children's Coin Library, Fun Facts), Consumer Alerts, and more.
World Coin Price Guide

Comics, Comic Books, Manga, Graphic Novels
Comic Book Collecting Association
"The Comic Book Collecting Association (CBCA) is a non-profit international organization made up of comic book enthusiasts who share an appreciation for the history, artistic merit, and significance of the comic book medium as an important element of popular culture."

See also:
Comic Book Collecting Key Terms
Proper Storage Conditions for Comic Books
Comic Book DB
A database. Search or browse. Browse options include: Titles, Creators, Characters, Groups, Story Arcs, Publishers, Imprints, Podcasts, Awards. Most characters have concise biographies and a list of appearances in issues. "The first goal of this project is to catalog every comic, graphic novel, manga, creator, character and anything else that could possibly relate to the field of comics."
Comic Book Realm
Includes: comic values, a Comic Book Store Locator, comic book cover images, a search engine (by publisher or series), and a variety of information on each comic series and certain issues.
Comic Book Resources
Includes: News and reviews on upcoming comic, blogs, video, Comic Shop Locator, and more.
Comic Books: Collecting Comic Books, News, Reviews, and More
Includes: Collecting Comics (Buying, Selling, and Protecting Your Comics), Glossary - Terms and Definitions About Comics, Comic Book Publishers, conventions, webcomics, and more. From
Comics Price Guide
Forums, classifieds, search or browse options. Free registration is required to access the basic price guide.
Cover Browser
"Cover Browser displays galleries of comic book (and book, pulp, games, DVD or magazine) covers for comic book fans." Contains 450,000+ images. Browse popular topics or search by keyword.
Glossary of Comic Book Collecting Terms
From CGC Comics.
Webcomics Web Archive
"This collection focuses on comics created specifically for the web and supplements the Library of Congress' extensive holdings in both comic books, graphic novels, and original comic art. Webcomics are an increasingly popular format utilized by contemporary creators in the field and often includes material by artists not available elsewhere. Webcomics selected for this collection include award-winning comics (Eisner Awards, Harvey Awards, Eagle Awards, and Shuster Awards) as well as webcomics that have significance in the field due to longevity, reputation, and subject matter. This collection includes work by artists and subjects not traditionally represented in mainstream comics, including women artists and characters, artists and characters of color, LGBTQ+ artists and characters, as well as subjects such as politics, health and human sexuality, and autobiography. The content of these websites is captured as it was originally produced and may include content that is not suitable for all ages." From the Library of Congress.
Wizard World
"Comic News, Conventions, Features, Previews, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Articles."

Advice for Beginning Paper Doll Collectors
From the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild.
Official website from Mattel. Includes news, articles, and a gallery of vintage/collectible Barbie dolls.
Doll Collecting
Sections include: Doll Collecting 101, Getting Started, Buying / Selling, Types of Dolls, Dolls From A to Z, Barbie Dolls, Dolls Price Guide. From
Doll Reference
Described as "a guide to doll collecting and identifying dolls from 1800 to the 1970's, Antique to Vintage dolls, over 10,000 photo's, descriptions and markings are included. Dolls are listed by the doll manufacturer on each page."
Dolls Magazine
Articles, news, blog, a directory of retailers and manufacturers, some doll identifications and prices (with the ability to submit your doll information/photo for an estimated appraisal).
The History and Charm of Paper Dolls
The Preservation, Storage and Display of Precious Paper Dolls
From the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild.
United Federation of Doll Clubs
"The objectives of the non-profit organization are to create, stimulate and maintain a national and international interest in all matters pertaining to doll collecting."

Stamps (Philately, Philatelists)
American Philatelic Society
Includse: Information on dealers, shows and exhibitions, news, a "Just for Kids" section, and a (frequently asked) "Questions and Answers" section.
Professional Stamp Experts: A Guide to Grading and Expertizing United States Stamps: An Illustrated Guide
Downloadable guides in PDF format. Please note: these are huge files (~150MB, ~720+MB). View them with the Adobe Reader.
Stamp Collecting
Also includes a "Philatelic Glossary" on the left side. From the United States Postal Service (USPS). See also:
Publication 192
Topics include: How to Remove Used Stamps from an Envelope, Where to Get Stamps, What You Will Need, Acid-Free Paper, Stamp Hinges and Mounts, What You Will Need, How to Use a Hinge or Mount, Stamp-Collecting Tools, Determining a Stamp's Value, Album Ideas.
United States Postal Service (USPS)
News on prices on current and upcoming stamps and stamp collections / themes as well as and limited editions series. Includes information on local post offices, postal services, online purchases, and more.


General and Comprehensive
Inducted Toys in National Toy Hall Of Fame
Click on the toy for its history. From The Strong: the National Museum of Play.
National Museum of Play Online Collections
Includes Toys; Dolls; Games; Video Games; Other Collections. From the Strong, National Museum of Play.
National Toy Hall of Fame
"The National Toy Hall of Fame..., established in 1998, recognizes toys that have inspired creative play and enjoyed popularity over a sustained period. Each year, the prestigious hall inducts new honorees and showcases both new and historic versions of classic toys beloved by generations."
News, recall. toy safety information. From the Toy Industry Association.

Also available:
Age-by-Age Toy Buying Guide
"Based on child development research, this guide will help you pick out appropriate playthings for your kids at any age and stage of childhood! Some toys are recommended for more than one age category, since kids of different ages often enjoy the same toy, each playing with it at his or her own level." For ages birth to 12 years. From the Toy Industry Association.

Action Figures
Super Heroes, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sci-fi, Western, Military, etc.
Action Figures
Topics include: Get Started Collecting Action Figures, Action Figure Care, What's that Action Figure Worth?, What Defines an Action Figure?, Most Common Action Figure Accessories. Scroll down page for even more action figure collecting topics such as: Action Figure Reviews, History of Action Figures, Maintaining and Displaying Your Collection, Star Wars and Star Trek figures, and more. From
ActionFigureCollectors YouTube Channel
Masters of the Universe - The Original Series
"Here you will find the best vintage Masters of the Universe guide on the Net! Main list includes US, European and Canadian releases and all the known variations." Click on the name of a figure and get its history and a close-up. From

Vintage Toys
Art of the Tin Toy: Collecting Tips
Also see their Investment page.
Glossary of Antique Toy Terms
Model Trains: Get Started
Includes videos, a printable booklet, and articles on topics such as scenery basics, scales and gauges, tracks and more. From World's Greatest Hobby.
Train Collectors Association Gateway
Choose from several related websites. Includes information on collectible trains (Lionel, etc.), news, images, guides, and more for hobbyists and collectors.
Vintage Doll Collector
"Your reference guide to 20th century dolls."

Trading Cards
Sports - Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Hockey, Racing, Tennis, etc.
A Beginner's Guide to Sports Card Collecting
Identifying the Most Valuable Sports Cards
Seven things to do. From
Sports and Entertainment Collecting Guides
Guides to Autographs, Boxes/Cases, Buying, Collecting Tools, General, Grading, Organization, Pricing, Selling, and Storage. Beware: site also includes items for sale. From the Cardboard Connection.
Sports Collecting: A Brief History of Baseball Cards
An article from Autograph Magazine.
Trading Card Central
News, articles, images/gallery, blogs, discussion forums, collecting tips, and more.
Tuff Stuff Magazine
Sports trading cards and other memorabilia. Includes: news, articles, and free downloadable price guides (PDF format: view with Adobe Reader.

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