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Conservation Almanac: A Resource of the Trust for Public Land
Includes federal, state, and local data on protected lands within the United States. Also has conservation policy information, interactive maps, graphs and charts.
Energy Visual Dictionary
Topics include: Geothermal and Fossil Energy; Hydroelectricity; Nuclear Energy; Solar Energy; and Wind Energy. From Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary Online.
Provides access to thousands of online environmental resources.
Environment News
From National Geographic.
Environmental & Geological Maps of the United States
From the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and NationalMap.gov.
Going Green: Sustainable Living Resources
Our "Going Green" information guide explores topics such as "green" practices, products, technologies, sustainable alternatives, along with related news and issues. In addition to websites, local, state, and federal government resources, you can browse items available in our library system or use the subject headings we provide to locate similar materials in your own local library. Directory from Middletown Thrall Library.
Green American Magazine
Quarterly publication from Green America.
Green Living
"Learn how to be eco-friendly with our easy tips and advice. Make DIY cleansers, find natural products and more." From TheSpruce.com.
Green Living: Tips That Make It Easy to Go Green
From the Nature Conservancy.
Image Archives
The Global Invasive Species Team of the Nature Conservancy has collected images of invasive species that are grouped by genus name.
Contains information on invasive plants, animals, and pathogens, and especially how to best manage them. Its foundation is the large amount of species management information developed by the The Nature Conservancy's Global Invasive Species Team. It is now supported by the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health.
Invasive and Exotic Species Profiles & State, Regional and National Lists
Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants
Prepared by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, you'll find links for the Federal Noxious Weed List as well as links to lists for individual states.
Invasive Plant Atlas of New England (IPANE)
Includes an atlas with images and descriptive information for the invasive and potentially invasive plants in New England states. Browse by common name or species name, and locate occurrences from an interactive map. From the University of Connecticut.
IUCN Red list of Threatened Species
Search by categories, region, continent or country.
Landsat Annual Timelapse 1984 - 2012
Explore different views into this global timelapse built from global, annual composites of Landsat satellite images. Watch change across the planet's surface beginning as early as 1984. Satellite views include: Growth of Las Vegas, Nevada (urban expansion and water resources in the Nevada desert), Amazon Deforestation, Brazil (deforestation of the Amazon rainforest), Wyoming Coal Mining (coal mining in Wyoming, 1984-2012), Columbia Glacier Retreat, Alaska (retreat of the Columbia Glacier in Alaska), Saudi Arabia Irrigation (center-pivot irrigation sites in Saudi Arabia), Dubai Coastal Expansion (creation of the artificial Palm Islands off the coast of Dubai), Drying of Lake Urmia in Iran, and the Drying of the Aral Sea. From Google / Google Maps / Google Landsat Annual Timelapse Project.
List of Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern Fish & Wildlife Species of New York State
From the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation.
Lower Hudson PRISM (Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management)
"The MyEnvironment search application is designed to provide a cross-section of environmental information based on the user's location. Enter a location such as an address, ZIP, city, or place name to get maps and environmental information." Provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
National Geographic: Environment
National Oceanagraphic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Includes satellite images, news articles, photos, and cool web sites.
NatureServe Explorer
"NatureServe Explorer, an authoritative source for information on more than 70,000 plants, animals, and ecosystems of the United States and Canada. Explorer includes particularly in-depth coverage for rare and endangered species."
New York Invasive Species Information
New York State's Environmental History
"This NEH funded project (October 2002 - September 2005) created Internet-accessible finding aids for 162 collections and over 3000 images focusing on the environmental history of Adirondack and Catskill parks, 1885-1990." From the New York State Archives.
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Index
All topics from acid rain and bald eagles to zebra mussels relate to New York State.
Protecting Species
Information about specific species that the World Wildlife Fund is highlighting "whose protection influences and supports the survival of other species or offers the opportunity to protect whole landscapes or marine areas." From the World Wildlife Fund.
Scientific American: Sustainability
News articles. Topics include: Climate; Conservation; Environment; Natural Disasters; and Weather.
State and Territorial Environmental Agencies
From the United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
What Can You Do...
Includes many ideas that individuals and households can do to improve the environment. From the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
World Wildlife Fund
Learn more about endangered species and the places where they live, and the global threats that put all living things in harm's way.
Your Water Footprint Quick Calculator
Calculate how much water you use in a year. From the Water Footprint Network.

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