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Jobs & Careers Guide ("InterJob Search")
Sections include: Getting Started (Preparing for the Job Search), Job & Career Opportunities - Search for Jobs on the Internet, Government Jobs (Civil Service Jobs, Announcements), Education (Upgrade Your Skills & Education), Licensing (Qualifications, Obtaining Licenses), Resumes & Cover Letters - Promote Yourself Successfully, The Interview: Advice for Your Next Interview, Free Publications: Helpful handouts for job searchers, Materials at Thrall (Jobs & Career Books and Videos). Directory provided by Middletown Thrall Library.

America's Unions: AFL-CIO
"Voluntary federation of 55 national and international labor unions that represent 12.5 million working men and women." Includes information on forming a union, corporate greed, collective bargaining and the right to work.
American Labor Studies Center
"The American Labor Studies Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to collect, analyze, evaluate, create and disseminate labor history and labor studies curricula and related materials, aligned to the various state and national standards, to kindergarten through 12th grade teachers nationwide."
Americans Don't Miss Manufacturing - They Miss Unions
Interesting opinion piece about the loss of union jobs.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
"The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor is the principal Federal agency responsible for measuring labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy. Its mission is to collect, analyze, and disseminate essential economic information to support public and private decision-making."
Labor Force Characteristics
Includes statistics on self employed workers, union workers, part-time, full time, multiple job holders and much more.
Child Labor in America 1908 - 1912; Photographs by Lewis W. Hine
"In 1908, Hine left his teaching position for a full-time job as an investigative photographer for the National Child Labor Committee, which was then conducting a major campaign against the exploitation of American children." Includes the original photo captions of Lewis W. Hine. From
Farmworker Movement Documentation Project
"Presented and preserved by The Library, University of California San Diego."
HERB: Resources for Teachers
"Created by the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning at The Graduate Center, City University of New York, HERB is a database of primary documents, classroom activities, and other teaching materials in U.S. history. Named in honor of ASHP/CML's co-founder, labor historian Herbert Gutman, HERB reflects ASHP/CML's mission of making the past, and the working people and ordinary Americans who shaped it, vivid and meaningful."
International Labour Organization
"The only tripartite U.N. agency, since 1919 the ILO brings together governments, employers and workers representatives of 187 member States , to set labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decent work for all women and men."
Labor and Working-Class History Association
"LAWCHA is an organization of scholars, teachers, students, labor educators, and activists who seek to promote public and scholarly awareness of labor and working-class history through research, writing, and organizing."
Labor Laws and Issues
Topics include: Discrimination and Harassment at Your Job; Employment Background Checks; Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA); Labor Unions; Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Misclassification; Unsafe Workplace Complaints and Conditions; Workers' Compensation; Wrongful Discharge/Termination of Employment; and Youth Labor Laws.
National Labor Relations Board
"The National Labor Relations Board is an independent federal agency that protects the rights of private sector employees to join together, with or without a union, to improve their wages and working conditions."
New York State Department of Labor
Information on laws and regulations, unemployment, finding a job, and managing your workforce.
Services for Agricultural Workers
Society for Human Resource Management
Although most of the resources require membership, there is enough free content on topics like behavioral competencies, employee relations, talent acquisition, and compensation and benefits that makes it worth a look. Also see the white paper series created with the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology concerning evidence-based HR.
Triangle Factory Fire of 1911
"This web exhibit presents original documents and secondary sources on the Triangle Fire, held by the Cornell University Library."
United States Department of Labor
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Reducing Child Labor and Forced Labor: A Toolkit for Responsible Businesses
"This toolkit was created by the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB). ILAB's mission is to use all available international channels to improve working conditions, raise living standards, protect workers' ability to exercise their rights, and address the workplace exploitation of children and other vulnerable populations. We have developed this toolkit to help businesses carry out their responsibilities to pursue these same goals, in particular with respect to child labor and forced labor."
Working Americans
Series of books on the "lives of ordinary working Americans" with information collected from "government surveys, social worker histories, economic data, family diaries and letters, newspaper and magazine features." Available to Middletown Thrall Library cardholders.
Workplace Issues Today
Links to current articles on labor issues in the news. From Catherwood Library, ILR School, Cornell University.

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