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Local Announcements, Births, Weddings, Calendars, Advisories, and More
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Births, Weddings, Celebrations
New York Times: Weddings and Celebrations
Times Herald-Record: Birth Announcements
Times Herald-Record: Obituaries

Local School Announcements
Middletown City School District
Middletown, New York.
SUNY Orange: Information for Current Students

See also:

Local Community Events
and Programs for the Public
Mid-Hudson News: Public Events Calendar
Middletown Thrall Library News and Public Programs
SUNY Orange: Events Calendar
Times Herald-Record: Things to Do

Food, Health, & Safety
Food, Health, and Safety Advisories
Health and Wellness News

Openings & Employment Opportunities
Jobs and Careers: Employment Opportunities
Local and beyond.
Times Herald-Record: Classifieds Section - Jobs

Legal Notices
& Governmental Announcements
City of Middletown, New York
News and announcements from the Mayor and other departments.
New York State Governor: Announcements
Orange County Government: Notices and News
Orange County, NY.
Times Herald-Record: Legal Notices
The White House: Announcements from the President
See also Local County Governments for more news and notices.

& Local Library Systems
Middletown Thrall Library: Board Meetings and Minutes
Middletown Thrall Library: Delays or Closings
Middletown Thrall Library: New and Forthcoming Books
Middletown Thrall Library: Library News and Announcements
See also Thrall's blogs (
News and Announcements from the Library World
Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS)
New and announcements from our library system and all member libraries.

New York Times: Paid Death Notices
Times Herald-Record: Obituaries
Recent obits.
See also Thrall's Obituary Database for past local obits.

Travel & Traffic Advisories
New York State Government: Traffic, Travel, and Transit News
U.S. State Department: Travel Warnings
See also Travel and Tourism

Anthropology & Archaeology
Cultural & Multicultural Studies & Discoveries

Archaeology Magazine
News and articles
BBC: Archaeology News
EurekAlert: Archeology News
National Geographic: Ancient World and Archaeology News
The New York Times: Archaeology and Anthropology News
Physorg: Archeology and Fossils News
ScienceDaily: Anthropology News
ScienceDaily: Archaeology News
See also: Fossils and Ruins News
Smithsonian Magazine: History & Archaeology News

Library & Literary

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Library News & New Books
Bestsellers in the Library Catalog (Fiction, Nonfiction, Biography)
See also the Bestsellers Lists section in our Booklover's guide.
Library Catalog
Browse or search for new books, audio books, videos, more.
New Titles (browse by book cover)
Text lists of new books and authors also available.
Thrall News
Library news and announcements.

Literary News
Books & Authors in the News
ALA Booklists & Book Awards
Young adult book highlights from the American Library Association
ALA's Notable Books
Current and previous years for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
Arts & Letters Daily
Articles, book news, news links, criticism, and more from the Chronicle of Higher Education
Best-selling Book Database
Weekly list of 150 titles provided by USA Today
Book Fairs and Other Literary Events
"Events across the U.S.A. and around the world." From the Library of Congress.
Booklovers: News
Thrall's directory of news from the publishing world.
New titles and book reviews
Publishing news and book reviews from R.R.Bowker
The Current Top 100 EBooks
from Project Gutenberg (updated daily)
Forthcoming Fiction & Nonfiction
Frequently Challenged Books
From American Library Association (ALA).
Future Title Watch
Thrall's monthly new titles/authors list
"Information Industry News + New Web Sites and Tools From Gary Price and Shirl Kennedy."
National Public Radio: Book News
New E-books on the Web
As reported by the Online Books Page.
New York Times Book Reviews
Nobel Prize Winners
Current and past.
Oprah Book Club Suggestions
Pulitzer Prize Winners
Publishers Weekly
RAVES - Latest book recommendations from Thrall readers
Today in Literature

Poems of the Day
The Academy of American Poets: Poem-a-Day
(This feature is now on their home page.)
Daily Zen Poem / Meditation
The Library of Congress: Poetry 180 - A Poem a Day Poem of the Day
Poetry Daily: Today's Poem
The Poetry Foundation: Poem of the Day (audio)
The Poetry Foundation: Poem of the Day (text)
NPR: The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor

Words of the Day

Recent Updates to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
Newly added words. From Oxford University Press.
Slang of the Day
From The Online Slang Dictionary
A Word a Day
Word of the Day
Word of the Day
From Merriam-Webster Online
Word of the Day
From OneLook Dictionary
Word of the Day

Arts & Entertainment
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Art, Artists & Arts
Art Beat
From PBS NewsHour.
Art Daily
Art Deadlines List
Contests, competitions, jobs, internships, scholarships, grants, fellowships, festivals, more.
Art Knowledge News
Art News from around the World
The Art Newspaper
News, exhibits, events
Select articles from the magazine.
Arts & Letters Daily
Articles, book news, news links, criticism, and more from the Chronicle of Higher Education
Arts Journal: The Daily Digest of Arts, Culture & Ideas
News and blogs
ArtsBeat Blog: Culture & the Arts
From the New York Times
CG Society News
Digital art & artists / computer graphics / animation news
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
National Public Radio: Arts & Culture
New York Arts Magazine
New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA): Opportunities & Services for Artists
New York Times: Art
New York Times: Arts Section
New York Times: Painting & Painters in the News
New York Times: Sculpture News
NYC Arts Calendar
Museums, performance halls, theaters, gardens, zoos in New York City
This Day in the Arts
From John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Today's Featured Work of Art
from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Comics & Cartoons
Comic-Con International Convention
DC Comics
Popular comics by category
King Features Syndicate Comics
Marvel Comics
New York Times: Comics News
Comic strips, books, more.
Political Cartoons
A library comic strip

Entertainment News:
Access Hollywood
Theater listings, current and upcoming shows/musicals
CNN Entertainment
Entertainment Tonight Online
Entertainment Weekly
Celebrity news and more
Extra TV
Golden Globes
Nominations, Awards
Google News: Entertainment Headlines
Entertainment News
Hollywood Reporter
Entertainment News
New York Times: Arts & Entertainment News
People Magazine
Entertainment news

Fashion & Style - News & Trends:
Harper's Bazaar
In Style
New York Magazine: Fashion Week
New York Times: Style
Teen Vogue
Vanity Fair

Games & Puzzles Online
Daily Challenges, Brain Teasers, Trivia, Arcade, More...

AARP Leisure - Games
Card and word games, more
Atari Arcade
Select games with cursor up/down keys.
Big Fish Games
Online games.
Daily "brain training" games.
Brain Pop
Educational games.
Cartoon Network Games
Chess Any Time Play Against a Computer
Chess Puzzle of the Day
Chess Puzzles (Easy/Hard)
Cool Math Games
Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, more.
Daily Chess Puzzles
From Daily Puzzles
Crossword, word search, cryptogram, hangman, mazes, more.
Disney Games
ESPN Arcade
Sports and arcade games.
Free Online Games for Kids
List from Common Sense Media.
Arcade, math, reading, and other games.
FunBrain Jr.
For ages 1 to 6.
Jeopardy: Clue of the Day
Chess games (vs. human or computer), Chess960, training.
Math Is Fun: Games
Number, logic, and action puzzles.
MENSA UK: Brainteasers
New York Philharmonic Game Room
Music and musical instruments.
New York Times Crossword Puzzle
Free weekly "Classic Puzzle" from NYT's archive Games
From Nickelodeon.
PBS Kids: Games
PennyPress/Dell: Daily Puzzles
Crosswords, sudoku, more.
Online games.
Printable Puzzles
Download PDFs of daily puzzles (crosswords, word searches, acrostics, cryptograms, logic, sudoku, more)
Reading Is Fundamental: Games
Literacy and reading comprehension.
Scholastic Games
Sesame Street Games Daily Games
Star Wars Games
USA Today Puzzles

See also:
Game Shows
Games for Kids
How to Play...
Rules for games
Video Games - news, reviews, guides, cheat codes, walkthroughs

Video Games
Gaming News, Game Reviews, Trailers, FAQs,
Hints, Levels, Walkthroughs, Cheats, Codes

Common Sense Media: Video Games
Reviews for parents
Game Daily
Games Radar
PC Gamer

Movies, Films, DVDs
Academy Awards
Nominations, winners, and history.
Box Office Mojo
Current upcoming movies, box office statistics, reviews
upcoming movies
Common Sense Media: Movie Reviews for Parents
Ratings, content advisories, and more
Films reviews, News, Celebrities, Interviews
Upcoming previews and reviews of movies, theaters, showtimes
(see local listings for films now playing in Middletown, NY 10940)
Movie, video, and DVD news & information
Movie reviews, news
MPAA: Motion Picture Assocation of America
News, look up movies ratings
New and Future Movie/DVD Releases
New York Times: Movie Reviews
Rotten Tomatoes
Movie and DVD reviews from critics and public
Screen Daily
Yahoo Movies
Previews, reviews, trailers, show times

Film Festivals
Cannes Film Festival
Film Festival Today
IMDB: Film Festivals and Events
Inside Film Magazine: Film Festival Directory
Sundance Film Festival

Music & Dance
AllMusic: New Album Releases & Reviews
Classical, country, indie, jazz, pop, rap, rock, and more.
Music videos, news
Billboard Music Charts
Current and historically popular music arranged by genre
Music videos, news
Common Sense Media: Music Reviews for Parents
Content advisories and more
Dancing with the Stars
Current and past contestants, celebrities, and winners
Grammy Award Nominees and Winners List
in all musical categories
Music videos, news, movies and entertainment
National Public Radio: Music News & Programs
New York Times: Dance
New York Times: Music
Rolling Stone
Music news
Music news and videos
New Music Releases
Yahoo! Music News

Television/Web Broadcasts:
Common Sense Media: Television Reviews for Parents
Content advisories and more
Digital Videos
Free to Thrall members
Nielsen Ratings
from USA Today
YouTube: Featured Videos of the Day

Other Entertaining
& Interesting Sites
Biography of the Day
from American National Biography
Interesting Photos from the Past 7 Days
Quotes of the Day
from Time
Quotes of the Day
This Day in History
from the History Channel
See also our Entertainment guide


News & Other Popular Blogs

Business & Finance
Banking, Economy, Financial News
Financial rate news for consumers
Business/financial news
Business Headlines
from Google News
Business/financial news
Business/financial news
CNN Money
Business/financial news News
from the U.S. Department of Commerce
Dow Jones: MarketWatch
Economic News Releases
from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Economy news and articles
Economy News
from Reuters
Federal Reserve System
News, policies, banking information
FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)
Banking and economy news
Financial Times (FT)
World financial news as reported from London, England
Business/financial news
Fortune 500 business/financial news
Google Finance
Stocks/quotes, business, and world markets and globlal financial news
Google News: Business Headlines
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
International monetary, exchange, and economy news
Local Business News and Development
Stocks/markets/news from Wall Street Journal
Moody's Analytics -
New York Times - Business Day
Business and Financial News
PBS NewsHour: Economy
Market and economy news and analysis
U.S. Department of Treasury
Economy and currency news
World Bank
Global banking and financial news
Yahoo! Finance
Market updates, news

See also: Investment Guide and Ready Reference: Small Business.

Just for Kids
Children's Books in the Library Catalog
Classic and popular authors, awarded books, and more.
Discovery Kids
Science and discoveries.
Fun, games, activities, entertainment news.
Games, stories, news, and more.
News, games, activities, and info from the U.S. Government.
NASA Kids Club
Space news, images, and games.
National Geographic for Kids
Nature and environment news and games.
Games, cartoons, activities, more.
PBS Kids
Fun and learning.
Scholastic News
Science News for Kids
SI Kids: Sports Illustrated for Kids
Time for Kids
News for children.
Yahoo! Kids
News, movies, games, and more.

Community Calendars
Entertainment, Workshops, & More
Events at Middletown Thrall Library
Public events, book discussion series, film festivals/movies, and more.
Local Community Events
In and around Middletown, New York / Orange County, New York

Consumer News & Advisories
Classified Ads
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Information Guide
Consumer News Blog
Food & Product Recalls
Government Information
Investments News & Journals
Media Watchdogs
Personal Finance

Earth - Planetary News
See also Environment News

Mind & Brain Research, Mental Health News
American Psychiatric Association: Newsroom
American Psychological Association: PsychPORT, the Psychology Newswire
Artificial Intelligence & Robotics News
Discover Magazine: Mind and Brain News, Articles
EurekAlert!: Social and Behavioral Science News and Research Accelerating Intelligence News
MSNBC: Mental Health News
National Institute of Mental Health: Science News
New Scientist: The Human Brain - News and Articles
The New York Times: Psychology and Psychologists
See also their Brain page.
PBS NewsHour: Mental Health
Physorg: Psychology and Psychiatry News
Psychology Today
ScienceDaily: Mind and Brain
Scientific American Mind
Scientific American: Mind and Brain
U.S. News and World Report: Psychology News
WebMD: Mental Health Center - News and Articles

Editorials, Op-Eds, Opinions
See also:


See also

>> visit this topic's blog <<
Climate Change
News, statistics and more from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Environmental News Network (ENN)
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Climate Change 2007 Report
National Geographic News
National Geographic: Photo of the Day

See also Planet Earth news

Good News
Positive news and inspirational headlines
ABC News: Inspirational News
BBC News: Inspiring Stories
CNN Heroes
"Everyday people changing the world."
Daily Good
Great News Network
"KarmaTube is dedicated to bringing inspirational stories to light, using the power of video and the internet to multiply acts of kindness, beauty, and generosity."
MSN: Good News
NBC - Today Show: Good News
Reddit: Uplifting News
Reader's Digest: Inspiring Stories
Reader's Digest (Canada): 80+ Good News Stories From Around the World That Will Brighten Your Day
The Washington Post: Inspired Life
Woman's Day: Inspirational Stories

Government & Law
>> visit this topic's blog <<
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Employment, unemployment, earnings, and other data from the U.S. Department of Labor
Congressional coverage and other government-related news and features
Provided by C-SPAN. Daily Congressional updates, trivia, hearing schedules, more
Census Bureau Press Releases
Statistics and reports
Congressional Record
Current House Floor Proceedings
From the U.S. House of Representatives
Federal Citizen Information Center
U.S. Government news and press releases
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) News
FindLaw: Special Coverage
FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Newsroom
Government News
News, Issues, Debate, Government information
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Newsroom
New Electronic Titles (NET)
from the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (GPO)
New York State: Governor - News
PBS NewsHour: Law
Today's Document
Daily features from the "America's Historical Documents" collection of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
U.S. Department of State
Travel news and advisories
U.S. Federal Agencies
Click on a government agency for news.
U.S. National Debt
Debt"to the penny" and "who holds it."
News from the federal government.
USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Newsroom
The White House Briefing Room

See also the Political News section as well as our GovSites and Law guides.

Radio Programs
& Web Radio Broadcasts
BBC World Radio Service
CBS Radio
ESPN Radio
Live365 Internet Radio: Free Online Radio Stations
NBC Radio
NOAA Weather Radio
NPR: Radio Programs
Radio-Locator: Radio Station Search Engine
WPDH (101.5 FM): Classic Rock
WQXR (105.9 FM): The New York Times Classical Music Station
WRRV: The New Rock Alternative (92.7/96.9 FM)
Yahoo! Music Internet Radio

See also:

Health / Fitness / Nutrition / Safety
>> visit this topic's blog <<
Food & Product Recalls, Safety
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
Recalls and product safety news. Also check out their "OnSafety" blog.
FDA Food Recalls, Withdrawals and Alerts in the Last 60 Days
from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
FDA MedWatch
"Important safety information and reporting serious problems with human medical products." from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
FDA Reports on Cosmetics News and Safety Alerts
From the U.S. Government
FSIS Recalls
Meat, poultry, and egg product recalls listed by USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.
Lead Hazards + Recalls
From New York State Department of Health
U.S. Government website listing recalls for consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics, and environmental products.
Automotive defects and recalls from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Office of Defects Investigation (ODI).
"Through this site, you can learn more about the the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) coming Consumer Product Safety Risk Management System (CPSRMS), which includes the Searchable Public Database required by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA). You can also find out about opportunities to participate in our public engagement, view the webcasts of our public workshops, and track activity through our blog."

Health News & Advisories
Alternative Health and Medicine News, Studies, Reports, and Other Information
AMNews (American Medical News)
From the American Medical Association (AMA)
CNN Health
Health, fitness, and nutrition news
Google News: Health Headlines
News, related resources
Holiday Food Safety
from the FDA
MedlinePlus: What's New
From the U.S. National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health (NIH): News
PBS NewsHour: Health
Reuters Health & Fitness News
Thrall Health & Nutrition Blog
U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Newsroom
World Health Organization (WHO) Media Centre
International health news
See also our Health Guide

International & Local
International News
National Public Radio (NPR)
New York Times
Newspaper Databases
Article databases
Newseum - Today's Front Pages
"Every morning, more than 800 newspapers from around the world submit their front pages to the Newseum via the Internet to be part of Today's Front Pages."
PBS News Hour
Regional Newspapers by Country
Thrall Special Coverage Center
Global topics in focus.
Toronto Star
United Press International (UPI)
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
Yahoo! News

Local News
City of Middletown, NY
Official news and announcements.
Local / Regional News / Newspapers
Middletown, NY; Orange County, NY; Hudson Valley, NY.
Mid-Hudson News
New York Newspapers
Article databases. Available to members of Thrall

Magazines & Journal Articles
Article Databases
Includes articles from magazines, journals, newspapers, and other periodicals. For members of Thrall.
Online & Open Access Journals
Virtual NewsStand
Periodicals on the Web and in the local library system.

Media Watchdogs
& Investigative Journalism
Fact-checkers, News Analysis, Current Issues, Media Sources, Coverage in Review
Media Watchdogs
Directory of resources.

See also these sections in our Ready Reference Center for critical thinking and other important topics:

Parents & Guardians
Advisories, News, Reviews
Common Sense Media
Movies, video games, television, books, websites and other reviews/advisories for parents and guardians.
" is the U.S. government website that helps you create, maintain, and strengthen effective youth programs. Included are youth facts, funding information, and tools to help you assess community assets, generate maps of local and federal resources, search for evidence-based youth programs, and keep up-to-date on the latest, youth-related news."
Health and Wellness: Children and Teens
News and information.
Hudson Valley Parent Magazine
News and articles
MSNBC: Kids and Parenting Health News
The New York Times: Children and Youth
Scroll down for most recent news.
New York Times Blog: Motherlode - Adventures in Parenting

See also these links for related topics:

Photos in the News
ABC News Photo Gallery Archive
BBC: News in Pictures
MSNBC: Photos, Slide Shows, Picture Stories
NASA: News Images and Videos
National Geographic: Daily News Photos - Space, Nature, and Animals
The New York Times: Multimedia and Photos
Reuters: Pictures, News Photos, Picture Stories, Pictures and More
Times Herald-Record: News Photo Galleries
UPI: News Photos, Photos of the Day
US News: Photos and Video
USA Today: The Day in Pictures
Yahoo! News: Top Stories Photos and Slideshows

Podcasts & Podcasting Sources
BBC Podcasts
C-SPAN Podcasts
Congress, government
CNET Podcasts
Computers, technology
ESPN Podcasts
Sports, scores
Library of Congress Podcasts
NASA Podcasts
Space missions, science
National Public Radio (NPR) Podcasts
News, programs
New York Times Podcasts
PBS NewsHour Podcasts
News and programs
Poetry Foundation: Podcasts
Poets, poetry readings, and lectures.

Politics - Political News
ABC News: Politics
CNN Politics
CQ Politics
From Congressional Quaterly (CQ)
C-SPAN: News & Videos
The Hill
National Journal
New York Times: Politics
NPR: Politics & Society
From National Public Radio (NPR)
PBS NewsHour: Politics
Reuters: Politics
Roll Call
USA Today: Political News

See also the Government and Law News section.

RSS Feeds
ABC News
BBC News
Business Week
CBS News
Discovery Channel News
Middletown Thrall Library RSS Feeds
National Library of Medicine
New York Times
NOAA National Weather Service
PC World
RAVES! Readers Advisory Service
Scientific American
United Nations

Sites for Seniors
AARP Bulletin
Current issues of interest to seniors.
AARP Games
Play online and have some fun!
AARP Magazine
Online edition.
Consumer News and Information
Especially for seniors.
Health News and Information
Wellness websites for seniors.
"Find and share ideas for saving money, spending less and investing in your future. Learn how today's news and trends affect you and your wallet." Topics inlcude Budgeting and Saving, Credit Cards, Debt, Careers, Investing, and Family. From AARP.
The New York Times: Seniors and the Elderly
News and articles.
Orange County Office for the Aging
News, articles, contact information.
The Senior Gazette
Local publication.
Social Security Administration: News + Press Releases
For senior citizens and others.

Google News: Sports Headlines
Sports News & Scores
The Olympics
News and Event Results from the official site

Science and Technology
>> visit this topic's blog <<
Jump to a subsection:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics
CMU: Robotics News and Research
from Carnegie Mellon University
AI in the News
AI news tracked by Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
Google News: Artificial Intelligence
Google News: Robots / Robotics
AI, robots, Internet, and other technological developments.
New York Times: Artificial Intelligence
Popular Science: Robots
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence News
From Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
ScienceDaily: Artificial Intelligence News
ScienceDaily: Robot News
Scientific American: Robots & Artificial Intelligence
Articles and news.

Astronomy & Space Exploration
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Daily Astronomy
Astronomy news
Discovery Channel: Space News
EurekAlert! Space/Planetary Science News
European Space Administration (ESA)
Space exploration news and discoveries from Europe
Hubble Space Telescope
Images, discoveries, news
Educational information, official news. See also their highlights page
National Geographic: Space & Tech News
New Scientist: Outer Space News
The New York Times: Astronomy and Astrophysics
The New York Times: Space and Cosmos
NPR: Space News
PhysOrg: Space and Earth News
Planetary Society News: Planets, Solar Systems, Exoplanets, Extrasolar Planets
Popular Mechanics: Space News
Scientific American: Space News
SETI Institute News
(Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
Sky and Telescope
Astronomy news
Aerospace, technology, and astronomy news
Science Daily: Space and Time News
Spaceflight Now: Space Missions, Launches
This Month in Exploration
Monthly highlights of current and past explorations in history. From NASA.
Yahoo! News: Space Station News

See also these sections in our Ready Reference Center:

Computers & Information Technologies
" is a Web site devoted to news, analysis and opinion on technology, the Internet and media." From Dow Jones & Company Inc.
Computer microchips, CPUs, hardware analysis, reviews, news
Computer, software, and other technological news and reviews
Software, hardware, and networking news
Enterprise technology news and reviews
For computing enthusiasts and professionals
Information technology news
Technology and Internet news
The Inquirer
Computer news, reviews, editorials
Laptop Magazine
Computers, netbooks, laptops, mobile computing news and reviews.
Operating Systems
PC World: Operating System News
Internet industry news.
Computer, science, and technology news
PC (personal computer) news and analysis.
Tom's Hardware
Computer chips, CPUs, tests, news and reviews
US-CERT (Computer Emergency Readiness Team)
Alerts and news of interest to computer users

Consumer Electronics News
& Technology Product Reviews
"iPad/iPhone Apps News and Reviews"
Ars Technica
CNET: Mobile News
CNN Personal Technology
Consumer Electronics News - Electronics News, Electronic Gadget News
From PhysOrg
Consumer Electronics Association
Consumer Reports: Electronics
Crave: The Gadget Blog
From CNET.
Digital Trends
Gadgets, computers, consumer electronics and video games news, technologies, and occasional sci-fi articles. From the SyFy Channel.
Gadgets Reviews
Gadgetwise: Gadgets and Electronics
A New York Times Blog Gadgets
How Stuff Works: Electronics
International Consumer Electronics Show
Laptop Magazine
LiveScience: Tech News, Gadgets, Inventions
National Public Radio (NPR): All Tech Considered
The New York Times: Electronics
PC Magazine: Consumer Electronics
Personal Tech News
Consumer technology. From The New York Times.
PhysOrg: Electronics News
Popular Science: Electronics
TechnologyTell Gadgets

General Science & Technology
13.7: Cosmos and Culture
"A blog set at the intersection of science and culture." From NPR.
Ars Technica
CNN: Science & Technology
Daily Galaxy
Discoveries and developments
Discover Magazine
News and articles
EurekAlert! Science News
from American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Google News: Science and Technology headlines
Virtual reality, AI, web, more
Inside Science
"an editorially independent news service of the American Institute of Physics."
National Science Foundation (NSF) News
Latest science news and features
New Scientist
The New York Times: Science News
The New York Times: Technology News
PBS NewsHour: Science
News, upcoming programs
Breaking news, discussions
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science
Science Daily
Science News
Science News for Kids
ScienceNow: Latest Headlines from the Scientific World
from the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Scientific American
Science and technology news
Technology Review
from MIT
Business and technology news
Explores scientific aspects of stories in the news
Technology and business news

Teens & Young Adults
From the Young Adult Library Services Association.
Common Sense Media: Entertainment News and Reviews
Games, music, television, books, more.
The New York Times: Upfront
Teen-oriented news from the NYT and Scholastic.
PBS NewsHour Extra
World news for high school students.
Teen Kids News
College, music, moves, and more. From Fox News.
YA Books in the Library Catalog
Awarded books, popular authors, more.

Travel and Tourism
"511 New York is the free, official one-stop, all-encompassing telephone and Web service offering information on transportation services and conditions throughout New York State. This information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week."
CNN: Travel
Driving directions, maps
Fodors Travel Guide
MSNBC: Travel News & Articles
National Geographic Traveler
New York State Travel Information
Traveling news, attractions, advisories for tourists
The New York Times: Travel
News, reviews, destination guides, and more.
Touring New York
Travel Warnings
Issued by the U.S. State Department
Transportation information
Bus and train
Travel sites, airfares, sightseeing
USA Today: Travel

Trends & Trending Topics
in the News
"The purpose of Alltop is to help you answer the question, 'What's happening?' in 'all the topics' that interest you." Search or browse news topics.
BBC Trending
"The BBC bureau on the internet. Reporting on what's being shared and asking why it matters."
Popular new items as voted upon by Internet users. Topics include: Business, Entertainment, Gaming, Lifestyle, Offbeat, Politics, Science, Sports, Technology, and World News.
"Gapminder World shows the world's most important trends." Requires Adobe Flash.
Google Trends
"With Google Trends, you can compare the world's interest in your favorite topics. Enter up to five topics and see how often they've been searched on Google over time. Google Trends also shows how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and in which geographic regions people have searched for them most." Trending Topics
Social media, entertainment, technology, news, and other online trending topics.
From Pew Research Center:
Global Attitudes & Trends
"The Global Attitudes Project conducts public opinion surveys around the world on a broad array of subjects ranging from people's assessments of their own lives to their views about the current state of the world and important issues of the day." From Pew Research Center.
Hispanic Trends Project
"The Hispanic Trends Project, launched in 2001 as the Pew Hispanic Center, seeks to improve public understanding of the diverse Hispanic population in the United States and to chronicle Latinos' growing impact on the nation." From Pew Research Center.
News Media Trends
Social & Demographic Trends
"The Pew Research Center's Social & Demographic Trends project studies behaviors and attitudes of Americans in key realms of their lives, including family, community, health, finance, work and leisure. The project explores these topics by combining original public opinion survey research with social, economic and demographic data analysis." Topics include: Demography, Economics and Finance, Education, Gender, Generations, Health and Well-being, Leisure Activities, Marriage and Family, Race and Ethnicity, Work and Employment.
Web & Search Engine Trends
Multiple websites.

Twitter Feeds
U.S. Government Feeds
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Department of Education
Department of State (Dipnote blog on Twitter)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Library of Congress
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
The White House - President Obama and Joe Biden's Administration

Other Feeds
ABC News
BBC News
CBS News
CNN Breaking News
ESPN Sports News
Financial Times
Fox News
NBC News
The New York Times
National Public Radio (NPR) News
MTV Music News
Times Herald-Record
The Twitter List Directory
Popular Twitter feeds arranged by topic and "trending categories." Provided by
USA Today
U.S. News and World Report
Wall Street Journal
The Weather Channel

Unusual News
CBS News: Offbeat News, Headlines, Stories
Live Science: Strange News - Science Mysteries and Weird Discoveries
NBC: Weird News - Odd and Funny News Stories from across the World
National Geographic: Weird News and Strange Facts
National Public Radio (NPR): Strange News
Reuters: Oddly Enough - Weird, Odd News, Funny Stories
UPI: Odd News
USA Today: Offbeat News - Weird, Strange, Crazy and Odd Stories and Headlines

Videos - Live & Featured News Videos
AOL: News and Politics Videos
CNN: Breaking and Live News Videos
CNN Business: Videos
MSN: Videos
NASA: News Images and Videos
Space shuttles, satellites, Mars, International Space Station, and other space exploration missions.
National Geographic: Videos in the News
PBS NewsHour: Videos
Recent programs.
Reuters: Top News, Business, and Entertainment Videos
The New York Times: Multimedia and Photos
Times Herald-Record: Latest and Featured News Videos

National Hurricane Center
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Weather news and information. Includes the National Weather Service.
Earth and space weather news from NASA
Forecasts from the Weather Channel
Local, historic, and other weather news

Web Trends & Search Engine News
Alexa Web Search: Top 500
Features 500 of the most popular websites worldwide
Common Sense Media: Website Reviews for Parents
Internet content advisories and more. Most Popular Software Downloads
"Latest Information Industry News and Resources." Features new websites, data sets, online documents, and more. From Library Journal.
Internet Traffic Report
Social media and Web news, trends, articles.
The Pew Research Center: Internet
Search Engine Watch
Search Engine News
Top Web searches
Google Trends
Web Browser Statistics by Year (2002 - present)

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