The Depository Library Program

Bringing Goverment Information to You

The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) originated in the early 1800's when a joint resolution of Congress directed that additional copies of the House and Senate Journals and other documents be printed and distributed to institutions outside the Federal establishment. Over the years the FDLP has expanded and today there are over 1,200 participating libraries. You can visit these Depository Libraries, online or in person, and use the depository collections to explore information on current legislation, hot topics, careers, gardening, business opportunities, health and nutrition, criminal justice, solar energy, and countless other subjects. Each working day, Congress, Federal agencies and the Courts provide these libraries, through the Government Printing Office, with valuable information that can be used by everyone from students to government leaders.

These libraries, like Middletown Thrall Library, participate in the Federal Depository Library Program to allow the public free access to Government information. Each year Depository Libraries select titles from a list of more than 7,000 categories of publications. The Government Printing Office, along with Regional Depository Libraries, receive every unclassified Government publication of interest to the public and have undertaken the responsibility of retaining this material permanently electronically, on paper or on microfiche.

Inter-library loan and reference services are also provided. Click on the link below to access the Government Printing Office's new Online Pilot Project for real-time interaction with a Depository Librarian: Get Assistance from a Federal Depository Librarian.

To locate a Federal Depository Library near you, click on the following link:

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