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Teen Book Review 7

  submitted by Kaylee G.

"Bristlecone Magic by Dennis De Rose is a book that shows how magic can change a person's perspective on life. It starts with Jim, a twin brother who turns 20. He suspects nothing can go wrong until he receives news of his brother's death.

While struggling with his grief he stumbles upon a root from the oldest largest tree in Honeycutt Haven. The Bristlecone Magic then starts here.

I liked this book because it showed that even through tough times there is always a light to guide someone to see a different point of view."

Teen Book Review 6

  submitted by Autumn S.

"Bristlecone Magic, by Dennis De Rose, iis a story about grief, guilt, and found family. Jim is going through a hard time coping with the loss of his brother. The beginning of the book pulls you into the death of Jim's brother John after a tragic car accident.

While reading, the audience attempts to discover whether or not Jim's brother actually died or if he is seeing a ghost of him. After the first several chapters of this story, the action begins to slow down, leaving readers feeling unsure about the specific genre.

I would recommend this book to someone who likes to read book about found families or if they want to empathize with someone coping with grief."

Teen Book Review 5

  submitted by Kaylee G.

"The Cat I Never Named is a book by Amra Sabic El-Rayess and is a story about war, love and survival. This book is based on a true story and shows the perspective of the Bosnian War and how it changed all the lives of Muslims living in a war zone in the year of 1992. Amra, sixteen at the time made education and family her reasons to strive for success. But all of that was ruined when bombs began to storm her city. Friends and family were put and risk and racial discrimination against her race was the new normal. Muslims were targeted by Serbs and their lives were at risk. Amra has lost all hope until she meets Maci. Maci is a stray cat who takes interest in Amra and joins her family. A companion like Maci will be the silver lining to Amra's family and will be their reason to try and survive the war. I enjoyed this book and future readers will too."

I loved this book and I hope someone else will enjoy it as much as I have.

Teen Book Review 4

  submitted by Kaylee G.

"Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern is a book that tells ana amazing sotry about struggle, love, and friendship. This book explores the topic of physical and mental disabilities and how life can give us different challenges we have to conquer. The main character is a 16 year old girl named Amy who is crippled. Her disability restricts her from walking properly or speaking. So, instead, she uses her pathway, a computer device that allows her to speak when typing a message in her pathyway.

Amy starts e-mailing Matthew, a boy she went to elementary school with but never talked to. Matthew has OCD, a condition tha prevents him from wanting to get help. With the help of Amy, Matthew's problems get better and so does his life.

Throughout this book, their friendship blossoms, eventually turning into love. They both realize they both need each other and without one another their lives would have been very different. The struggles they both go through together show how amazing their love is and how they are really meant for each other.

I enjoy this book because of its theme: how, even though a disability can get in your way, you can still find love and achieve your goals. I enjoyed this book, and I hope future readers can, too."

I loved this book and I hope someone else will enjoy it as much as I have.

Teen Book Review 3

  submitted by Sadie K.

"The Dragon in the Library by Louie Stowell is a middle reader's book. This is the first book out of 3. The series is called "Kit the Wizard." This is about a kid named Kit. Kit has two friends named Alita and Josh. It just so happens that Kit hates reading. Kit is dgragged to a library by Alita and Josh. Kit gets magically sucked into a book! She finds out she's a wizard and now... Kit has to figure out how to save not only her friends and the library... the the world!"

Teen Book Review 2

  submitted by Kaylee G.

"The Way We Fall, an outstanding book by Meghan Crewe, starts with an itch you just can't help but scratch, to a lethal virus killing everyone that stands in its way. Kaelyn is your average teenager who notices something strange.

Her friend Rachel becomes ill and dies. Her death is a mystery until everything seems to piece together. A deadly virus has come to her island, and, one by one, a new person is dead. Schools are closed, hospitals are filled and are desperate to find a cure and solution to the horrible mess that has been brought to everyone.

Everywhere Kaelyn goes, her life is at risk. She could get sick and spread to her whole family and die or get shot and killed by people accusing her of being sick. While Kaelyn is deserted on the island, she reminisces about her old friend Leo, who has moved to New York to continue his education. She wishes he could come and save her from the isalnd and know what is going on from her perspective. This book is told as a diary, and each chapter is a diary entry from Kaelym, hoping Leon might read it.

As the pandemic goes on, Kaelyn strives for her life and is in panci of trying to not get sick. The Way We Fall shows a dark reality that a person can experience and is the reason why I like this book. It reminds me of Covid-19 and how everyone was quarantined and locked away in their homes for months turning into a year. If I had to put this book review in simple words, I would say this book deserves a 100% good recommendation."

Teen Book Review 1

  submitted by Sadie K.

"Recently I read Goldilocks: Wanted Dead or Alive by Chris Colfer. It was a Graphic Novel from the Land of Stories series.

I would recommend this book to fantasy fans or people who want to try something new.

This novel is about Goldilocks, a "criminal" who must try to defend her hom and her friends from the army of the Charming kingdom.

She is joined by Puss in Boots, Pinocchio, Little Miss Muffet, her horse Porridge, and her friend, Jack. Together they save the dwarf forests.

The art style is unique and when comparing the characters seen in the novel to the characters illustrations in the official guide they are extremely similar.

I loved this book and I hope someone else will enjoy it as much as I have."

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