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(formerly Business and Company Resource Center)

From the database provider:
"For more than 12 years, Business & Company Resource Center has been our cornerstone business resource. Now Business & Company Resource Center has been transformed into Business Insights: Essentials. This new resource includes all the same functionality and detailed information users have come to rely upon as well as enhanced content and features that enable users to delve much deeper into business data. Perfect for business professionals, students and entrepreneurs as well as general researchers, Business Insights: Essentials provides rich content, a user-friendly interface, robust analysis tools and a vastly improved user experience."

Exciting new features include:
  • A robust business glossary (thousands of business terms culled from Gale encyclopedias and Cengage textbooks)
  • Readspeaker (text to speech)
  • Translation tools (ability to translate the user interface and/or article level translations)
  • Citation tools (citation generator for article)
  • Interactive charting (the ability to manipulate statistical data, customize your own charts, etc.)
  • Additional exporting capability
  • User-centered design
  • An intuitive search experience that enables users to pursue multiple search paths across disparate data types
  • Search results that expose deep links to key elements within company and industry content, enabling users to access the information most relevant to their research in fewer clicks
  • Integration of narrative content with statistical data and the ability for users to perform custom analysis on the fly in an interactive charting tool

Description of the Business & Company Resource Center (BCRC):

This database contains information on businesses, companies, and industries. Accessible data includes:
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Access Options:

This database can be accessed from any of Thrall Library's public Internet or research computers.

Concerning access outside the library:

This database is licensed through the NYS NOVEL program and is available to all New York State residents through the NYS NOVEL website.

Members of libraries which are part of the Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS) may log in using their library barcode.

Access Issues?

Please call our Reference Dept. at (845) 341-5461 when the library is open.

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Tips & Special Features:

Once the BCRC database page is displayed, you will see four icons and a "Company Search" input box, where you can type the name of a company or organization.

Next to the input box where you will type your search terms you will see a "drop-down" menu that lets you change the search type from the default "Company Search" to either "Industry Description Search" or "Articles Search."

After you search for a company and see the results, you will see your search results grouped under a variety of tabs such as "Company Profile," "News and Magazines," "Histories," "Investment Reports," "Financials," among others.

If there is information available under any of those categories, the tab will be clearly visible (not faded) and clickable.

Keep in mind: there can be numerous matches for one company name (e.g. IBM), so you will need to delve further into the search results to determine which is the true company (or subsidiary) you really want to research.

If you have any questions, please stop by the Reference Department for assistance.
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Technical Considerations:
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Please see the ACCESS OPTIONS section of this page.

Before printing, be sure to click the Printer icon located at the top of any article page. This will reformat the page in a "printer friendly" format, enabling you to print more on fewer pages.

Printing at the library costs $ .20 per page. Please inquire at the Reference Department if you are not sure how to print.

This database also allows you to e-mail articles you find to your own e-mail account. To do so, look for the e-mail icon at the top of an article page, click the icon, and carefully enter your e-mail address on the next web page that appears.

There is no cost for e-mailing articles, and you may e-mail as many articles to yourself as you like!

If you would like some assistance in using this database or finding any information, please speak with one of our librarians at the Reference Department or contact us:

By telephone: (845) 341-5461

Online: Ask a Librarian!

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