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This database provides historical information, statistics, maps, and news about countries around the world.

Each country information page includes these "Overviews": Country (general information about a country), Political, Economic, Investment, Social, Environmental.

Also included in each country page are "Key Data" statistics such as "Notable Cities," "Average Daily Temperatures," "Ethnic Divisions," and "Religions."

CountryWatch also incorporates a Currency Converter tool in its start page.

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You can jump to a specific "Country Review" by scrolling down to the bottom of the CountryWatch start page and clicking on the "drop-down" menu of countries. You can also click the "View Country List" for an alphabetical list of countries covered in this database.

If you need more information on a country, we have other reference works in print and electronic form you can try, such as the Europa Book or the CIA World Fact Book, among others.

Depending on what your researching (such a country flag or some basic fact about a territory), you might also want to consider using our general encyclopedias (World Book or Encyclopedia Americana in print or (Encyclopedia Britannica or World Book Encyclopedia through our website - access them in the "See Also" section on the right).
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