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MasterFILE Premier contains full text for nearly 1,750 periodicals covering general reference, business, health, education, general science, multicultural issues" as well as "full text for nearly 500 reference books, 86,017 biographies, 105,786 primary source documents, and an Image Collection of 341,655 photos, maps and flags.

At the top of the database page is a Dictionary link that also allows you to search for words in The American Heritage Dictionary.

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Access Options:

This database can be accessed from any of Thrall Library's public Internet or research computers.

Concerning access outside the library:

Members of Middletown Thrall Library may log in to this service using their library barcode.

Access Issues?

Please call our Reference Dept. at (845) 341-5461 when the library is open.

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Tips & Special Features:

You have a number of search options available (below the search term input box) as soon as you start using this database.

You can check the box next to "Full Text" to limit results to complete articles. You can limit an article search to specific dates and even limit your searches to a specific publication (e.g. Scientific American) by typing its title in the "Journal Title" input box.

Once you find an article, click on its title to read the article. Some articles might contain illustrations, charts, photographs, or other pictorial content. Wherever available "HTML Full Text" and "PDF Full Text" links that appear under an article title will lead to articles as they were originally formatted.

HTML articles often do not contain all images, nor do those articles preserve the original article's formatting as it appeared in a publication. To see the article as it originally appeared, it is best to click the "PDF Full Text" link. See "Technical Notes" below for more about viewing PDF documents.

Search results can often be refined to fewer and more relevant articles using some different methods available in this database: - You can use the "Narrow Results" subject links on the left side of the results page to view results grouped under a particular topic. - You can use the sliders at the right side of the page (or type the dates in the Year input boxes) to limit results to a certain date range. - If you did not specify "Full Text" articles at the start of your search, you can filter out article abstracts and view only complete articles available by clicking the "Full Text" box in the "Limit Your Results" box on the right side.

Ebsco also offers a "Visual Search" option under the main search box at the top of the database page. A "Visual Search" attempts to portray your search results in visual groupings on the screen. Contrary to other "visual" searches you might have used, there is nothing graphical about this: this is simply another way to view text results and to work with those results in columns. Clicking on any box in the "Visual Search" window updates article information on the right side panel, which you can then click to get to the main article.

Since "Visual Searches" can take a while to display and sort through (since only so many can fit on the screen at once), you might feel more comfortable using the default standard search; however, if you have time to explore this option, perhaps give it a try to see if it works better for you.
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Technical Considerations:
Experiencing access/technical issues?
Please see the ACCESS OPTIONS section of this page.

This "Visual Search" feature of this database requires the Adobe Flash Plugin (version 7 or higher), which, if you are at home, you can freely download from Adobe's website by clicking here.

Adobe PDF documents can be viewed if your computer has the free Adobe Reader software installed.

Before printing, be sure to click the Printer icon located at the top of any article page. This will reformat the page in a "printer friendly" format, enabling you to print more on fewer pages.

Printing at the library costs $ .20 per page. Please inquire at the Reference Department if you are not sure how to print.

This database also allows you to e-mail articles you find to your own e-mail account. To do so, look for the e-mail icon at the top of an article page, click the icon, and carefully enter your e-mail address on the next web page that appears.

There is no cost for e-mailing articles, and you may e-mail as many articles to yourself as you like!

If you would like some assistance in using this database or finding any information, please speak with one of our librarians at the Reference Department or contact us:

By telephone: (845) 341-5461

Online: Ask a Librarian!

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