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Text on back of picture: Thrall Hospital Staff and Trustees, October 11, 1892 [not listed in order of appearance]: William J. Groo, W.K. Wilcox, Dr. J. B. Hulett, W.K. Cochran, Dr. Allen, William H. Rodgers, Rev. Scadding, Dr. Hanmer, Dr. Pillsbury, Dr. Purdy, Dr. Allen, Dr. Nelson, Dr. Smiley, Dr. G.S. Kinney, Dr. C. Fancher, Dr. T.D. Mills, Dr. Thomas Gillson, Dr. S.H. Talcott.

Note: Thrall Hospital was opened for use on May 10, 1892. During the first year 81 patients were treated. Mrs. Maretta Thrall provided the site on Grove Street and a sum of money to build it (Williams). Thrall Hospital, 23 Grove Street, was organized through the efforts of Dr. Julia Bradner. It opened in 1892, closed in 1929, and was torn down in 1938 (Laskaris).

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