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Holidays Symbols and Customs
Database. Available to members of Thrall. "People everywhere gather to celebrate different types of holidays and festivals, which reflect the history and identity of people of all cultures. This edition of Holiday Symbols and Customs provides an introduction to the many ways in which people celebrate and find meaning in these traditions."

Other Resources
Calendar and Holidays
Religious and secular holidays celebrated around the world. There is also a Holidays in America section. Provided by Infoplease.
Celebrate Winter Holidays
Three holidays of Christmas , Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa around the world. Includes scrapbooks, projects, clipart and more. Also brief descriptions of Religious Commemorations; National Holidays; New Year Celebrations and Harvest Festivals around the world. From
Chase's Calendar
Daily Twitter feed highlighting "special events, holidays, anniversaries, landmarks, phenomena, and birthdays around the world."
Day of the Dead Traditions
Earth Calendar
Search for holidays by date, country, religion as well as the lunar phases for the current and next year.
Fact Monster Holidays
Holiday Central: Celebrate Family, Friends & Food
Topics include: Baking; Quick & Easy; Parties; How-Tos; Gift Guide; Videos; Blog; and On TV. From the Food Network.
Holidays & Events
Food, meals, appetizers, cakes and pies, desserts, recipes, and other cooking and dining ideas for various celebrations. Provided by Epicurious.
Holidays Around the World: A Festival of Lessons
Information and activities for teachers and students. See also Education World's Holidays and Special Days Center
Holidays: A Sampler from Around the World
A list of major holidays celebrated worldwide. Provided by Scholastic.
Holidays in the White House: First Family Traditions
How Chinese New Year Works
From How Stuff Works.
HowStuffWorks: Culture and Traditions Channel
Select Holidays from the menu. Topics include Valentine's Day, Mistletoe, April Fools Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees, and Christmas. From How Stuff Works.
Multicultural Holiday Celebrations: A World to Celebrate
Includes information on: 'Eid-ul-Fitr, Santa Lucia Day, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Three Kings Day. From Scholastic.
Pumpkins and More
Everything you need to know about pumpkins. Includes cultivation, a directory of Halloween websites, Jack-o-lantern stencils, recipes, history, lesson plans, and nutritional facts. Urban Legends about Holidays
Exploring rumors, misconceptions, and other aspects of various holidays throughout the year.

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